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Welcome to Wheatridge Park Care Center

Wheatridge Park Care Center is located in Liberal, Kansas, a diverse and growing community. We provide a warm, loving environment catered to treating individuals with the respect and dignity that they deserve.

Wheatridge Park Care Center has a 55-bed capacity, and 70 % of our rooms are private. These rooms are spacious and may be customized with items from home. We have beautifully maintained grounds with a walking path around the facility.

Our philosophy is Dignity in Life and we strive to make your stay as home-like as possible. We accommodate personalized needs and our conducts are disciplined by love, safety, and understanding of an individual’s preference to live out their life as they see fit. Wheatridge Park Care Center is a full-service nursing facility that is able to serve a wide range of needs. We offer services that enable you to keep your independence while receiving the loving support you need to accomplish your goals.